A White Cabin Eagle Work in Progress

You have got the fuselage built, and it’s on the wheels. Boy, is there a temptation to taxi it!  Well, I am here to tell you don’t taxi the fuselage without the wings.  It is amazing how easy it is to turn over the fuselage.  Several builders have damaged their planes by giving into the idea of just trying it out before they put on the wings.  One builder decided to taxi the fuselage without the wings, and his son filmed the event.  Everything was going well until he decided to speed things up a little. That is how he ended upside down in the middle of the runway. The gentleman was a preacher, and his son ran up and recorded his words while standing by the wreckage.  What do you think a preacher would say after turning his plane over?  He said in a low tone, “it’s a bad day at the airport.”

Don’t make your day at the airport bad; don’t taxi without the wings. The wings balance things.