Legal Eagle™ Ultralight Specifications

  • Weight 244 pounds. (dry), (six lbs under the legal limit!)
  • Wing Span 281 inches., Wing Cord 55 inches., Wing Area 107 Sq ft.
  • Fuselage 155 inches, Height 66 inches
  • Fuel 5 Gallons, Gravity Feed System
  • Propellor (fixed pitch wood)
  • Tuffy Bicycle Wheels and Shopping Cart tail wheel.
  • Speed Limited to legal ultralight speed but can do up to 60 MPH…
  • Stall Speed approximately 25 MPH

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Cost To Build Estimated at $4000 to $6,000 depending on your Scrounging ability. “I have less than $500 hard cash in mine, but I had the engine and most of the tubing, etc.” Leonard Milholland.