Better Half VW Engine

Maintain your Better Half VW Engine

The Better half VW engines are easy to maintain.  I have one I have been flying for over 25 years. It still has good compression and runs very strong. Recently we ran a wood bar test on this engine, and it produced 30 hp. That I had...

The most affordable Ultralight

World’s most affordable Ultralight Aircraft.

Learn about Leonard Milholland's Eagle Leagle Ultralight—the most affordable Ultralight Aircraft.

Fly in Legal Eagle Ultralight

Fly-in June 10th

We are having a fly-in on June 10th. Fly-in starts at 10 am and goes until people have to leave. The airport address for the pilots is 27sx, and the street address is 4107 Sport Flyers Ln.  Brookshire TX 77423.   Phone number: 281 785 3777

Splice Wood and Steel Aircraft Tubes

Let’s Splice Wood and Steel Aircraft Tubes

The shipping cost nowadays makes it more economical to splice the wood and the tubes for the Legal Eagles airplanes rather than pay the cost to ship the long pieces.  Splices can be safe and as strong if done correctly.  Wood sailing ships have many splices in their...

Scruffy and Misfit

After the Hall of Fame awards, my scruffy and misfit friends got together and awarded me this plaque announcing that I was elected the be the head scruff and misfit.  This proves that they knew me well.  I keep it hanging in my office and get a kick...

Ultra Light Hall of Fame Award

EAA Ultra Light Hall of Fame

Leonard was inducted into the EAA Ultra Light Hall of Fame. He was given a trip to Oshkosh to accept this trophy. The award was given after a nice dinner, and He was asked to make an acceptance speech.  The awards were held in the hangar that...

Wings and Balance

Let’s Do a Weight and Balance

You will need to do a weight and balance test on your plane before you fly.  This is necessary, so your plane will be in a controllable condition, not nose heavy nor tail heavy.  On the Cabin Eagle plans, I have 5 different weight and balance pages.  An FFA...


Compression Leak-Off Test

I explained to my Daughter how a compression leak-off test was used to troubleshoot an engine's cylinders. She asks me, why don’t you put that on the Builders page? So here you go. The old timers know this and have been using this test for decades....

Lucky Leonard

Lucky Leonard

I was born in Kansas City in 1924. At the age of 3 years old, my mother said I was making airplane noises and waving a toy airplane around. Fast forward, to me being 11 years old, my uncle gave me a model airplane kit. That...


It Won’t Start if it’s Tied Down

This is about hand propping your Legal Eagle or the Double Eagle. I started flying legally in 1970.  I have had the misfortune to have witnessed seven hand propping accidents. I believe that I stopped one just a couple of weeks back. I warned an airline...