Legal Eagle XL ™ Specifications

The new design handles a 275 Lbs Pilot

Seat is bigger, taller, and longer.

Weight 246 pounds (dry), Wing Span 315 inches, Wing Cord 55 inches, Wing Area 120.3 Square Feet, Wing Loading 4.7 Pounds per square ft at gross weight of 575 Lbs.

Fuselage Length 193 inches (16'1"), Height 75 inches (6'3"), Fuel 5 Gallons Gravity Feed, Wood Propeller (54" @22" pitch), Black Max Wheels and Brakes.

Take off distance ~ 250 ft. Landing Distance ~ 300 ft. Legal speed 55 K (63Mph), Stall Speed 27 Mph. Engine is the Better Half VW ™ ~ 30 HP @3400 RPM.

Estimated cost to build $3000 to $5000 USD, depending on your scrounging ability.

The success of the Legal Eagle ™ had many requests coming into designer Leonard Milholland for a design change that would handle the needs of larger pilots many of whom were restricted both by the width of the design and also by the weight limitation on the Legal Eagle ™ of 225 Lbs for the pilot. Naturally this was a head scratcher for Leonard as the original design only had only come in about 10 pounds under the legal limit. For the bigger pilot the seat needed to be wider, taller and longer and the wing area and length needed to be expanded to handle the challenge of carrying the added weight. But Leonard had been experimenting with a design change requested by a friend for a wider seat on the Legal Eagle ™ and he thought he could do it. With the help and encouragement of his family, the builders, and John Bolding (kits) and the first test pilot, the solution was found and we are now ready to offer the Legal Eagle XL™ design to the flying public.

Legal Eagle XL™ Photo Detail...

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