The Original Legal Eagle Ultralight Airplane

Leonard Milholland has sold the original Legal Eagle Ultralight airplane he designed and built 25+ years ago.  This was the “one that started it all.”  This design struck a chord with many flying enthusiasts.  It became such a popular idea that Leonard created plans to sell to those who wanted to build one of their own. 

Bob Richards of Bryan, TX, is the new owner.  Bob came on November 29, 2023, to collect his new possession.  Leonard believes that Mr Richards is the right guy to take this airplane into the future.

Leonard is getting into the Legal Eagle for the last time as the owner.

Many props have graced the original and “famous” Better Half VW Engine designed and built by Leonard, but this is the latest one by his favorite propeller manufacturer.   When he handed it over, he said, “It’s got plenty of Sports Flyers Estates grass on it.”
History is passed on…

Transport Disassembly

The wings come off.
Ready for trailer transport.
Got her on the trailer… now secure her down…
Good job getting Legal Eagle all secure and ready to go.

Leonard waves goodbye as the Legal Eagle goes to its new home. 

Leonard… ever the jokester, was pretending he didn’t want to let it go.  There is bound to be some truth, but he was very happy that the original Legal Eagle was going to a good man who would prize as much as he had all those past years.